Monday, October 15, 2007

Zuse Toaster

Mornings become sweeter as never ever before with an extraordinary gadget Zuse Toaster that prints desirable Love messages directly on your toasters.

It was elaborated basing on early matrix printer principle and transfers 12*12 pixels images onto toasts .You will not even have to compose your message because the machine stores a number of black and colored pictures for everyone’s choice.

With this toaster your love life will become more divers because there is nothing cuter than attention from your soul mate.

Even your kids won’t forget to eat their morning breakfast and won’t live their snack packs at home, if there is a toast with the printed message “EAT ME”.

Zeus Toaster was made basing on the most important human instincts – the one of getting fed and need to feel taken care of.

For our modern world, where words begin meaning nothing, this innovated gadget will keep non-verbal emotions alive. It’s a nice thing to have in today's busy world.

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