Friday, October 5, 2007

Real Estate Mobile Technology service

As we know that without technology we don’t do anything this thing apply on both individual life and business life, but this phenomena is more important in business. if you have a business, big or small one, the most important is to be near to your clients or possible clients. And if you find a way, in this case a company that can put together these two ideas with the help of technology through mobile marketing. Many of you knows this company name already because they are world leader in mobile marketing called “CELLIT MOBILE”.
In more clear terms I would define it, Cellit Mobile Marketing is a mobile marketing service for large and small businesses. Cellit helps business owners discover the power of mobile marketing to promote their business or products/services. Cellit’s services include House4Cell, their text-for-info real estate service, and CouponZap, their mobile campaign service system. House4Cell works by allowing real estate agents to send offers to homebuyers via SMS, and the interested home-buyer can then text a 1-word code that they’re given to a specific phone number and receive up to two pages of information on that home. This Real Estate Text Messaging Solution service can greatly assist people who wish to sell their home, because it expands their options to the mobile market. House4Cell’s key features are as follows:
Property Photos allow for the sending of photos along with information about the home to the interested home-buyer’s cell phone, provided the cell phone supports this feature.
Click-to-Call allows home-buyers with specific phones to simply click the link given with the information to instantly get in touch with a real estate agent.
Fax and E-Mail Brochures allows home-buyers who need more information on the house to request brochures via fax or e-mail.
Property Mapping allows for a detailed mapping of the house that can be easily accessed via a mobile phone.
Follow-Up “Blast” Alerts allow customers to send follow-up text messages to the dedicated home-buyers.
CouponZap expands the mobile marketing opportunities to whatever a customer can dream up. CouponZap can allow users to create advertisements, or mobile coupons, that others can access when they use their mobile Internet, or receive SMS messages. CouponZap’s key features are as follows:
Text-to-Vote allows you to create polls that others can vote in by sending a text message to a specific number.
Text-to-Win allows you to create mobile contests and competitions that you can monitor and control.
Text-for-Info lets people send you a text message to receive more information about your products or services.
Alerts allow people to receive special updates about your upcoming products, special discounts, etc.
Customized Appointment Reminders let you send special reminders to customers about upcoming appointments.
Coupons allow you to create coupons that are accessible to customers to allow them to get special deals and offers on your products or services.If you want to expand your business with the help of today’s technology you definitely go withCellit’s Mobile Marketing Service and giving boost to their business in some different manner through mobile market.

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