Monday, May 26, 2008

Ford"s New Feature Small Fridge Added To Flex

Ford has upped the ante in the options department by offering drivers of the 2009 Flex a $760 refrigerator upgrade that fits snugly underneath the armrest in the back seat. The fridge isn't huge, but it can hold seven 12-ounce cans (no, not beer) or four half-liter bottles—which is not bad for a road trip. It is also runs off a compressor making it a bona fide refrigerator that can take a drink from room temperature down to 41 degrees Fahrenheit in two- and-a-half hours. If you choose the freezer option, the temperature drops to a frigid 23 degrees Fahrenheit. With any luck, Ford will offer a Flex oven and Flex toilet option sometime in the near future. Then I would be ready to move in.

Friday, May 23, 2008

Yamaha Deus Ex Machina concept motorcycle

Art Center Pasadena student Jake Loniak has taken everything that is cool about exoskeletons and motorcycles and crammed it into this Yamaha-branded Deus Ex Machina concept motorcycle. The vehicle is powered by ultra-capacitors and doped nano-phoshpate batteries (similar to the ones currently used in hybrid cars) and it is controlled using 36 pneumatic muscles with two linear actuators set along a spine consisting of seven artificial vertebrae. Even the helmet is pneumatically attached.If constructed, the designer believes that it could achieve a top speed of 75mph (0-60mph in 3 seconds) with a recharge time of 15 minutes and cycle time of one hour. We may never know if that is true, but I say throw some sort of storage compartment on this thing and let's find out.

Sunday, May 18, 2008

Folded Swiss Bike For Cycling & Commuting

A new bike has been created which can be folded up and carted around easily. It is named the Swissbike and has a full size 26″ wheel, is as durable as a regular mountain bike, but simply folds up to store away in your car.

The bike aims to be an in between for cycling and commuting. Due to the rising costs of fuel more people are looking for a cheaper way to travel to the office. However, the office isn’t always close enough to be able to cycle to. By having a fold up, full size bike it allows you to mix both together and drive part way while cycling the rest of the way.

The technology used was originally developed to allow military paratroopers to airdrop with this bike.

Overall I am impressed with the look of this bike, and from what I read it’s built strong too. More details of the Swissbike can be found at

Thursday, May 15, 2008

Action Fresh Blue Technology For Killing Bacteria From Fruits

This design concept from Ahmet Bektes, Koray Gelmez & Eda Kose uses "Action Fresh Blue" technology—apparently used in "many new refrigerators"— to keep your fruit fresh. It seems that this tech is essentially a blue light, which shines down from the bowl's handle, killing bacteria. Hmmm: I'm skeptical. But at least it's rechargeable, and has a nifty blue halo all around when it's in action so your kitchen looks all 21st Century. If it really works, it might be useful if you're like me: buying a lot a fruit when on a health-kick, and then just leaving it in the bowl to go moldy

Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Classic Style: Dockers contest


Now these days Dockers presented an amazing as well as exciting video contest and I know this is the great time for those who will really like to want the prize yes this contest having a good range of exclusive prizes its really very good who are already having good skills in good video making and I am so passionate about it that I have started browsing through the videos uploaded there already. Dockers contest is a special contest where everybody will get a chance to upload their 30 second videos and the winner of the contest will get to see their videos displayed on the NBC. Dockers also present a classic style contest and is the one which is concerned about the fashion. Well this is a contest which is all about innovation and creativity. There are a lot of fashion trends which are currently evolving to keep pace in this modern world though I am a huge fan of the classical styles. Ideally though I would like to see a blend which combines the classical style and the modern styles and I have seen a lot of videos belonging to my liking. I would recommend everybody to upload their original 30 second videos here and a chance to display them on the NBC is not far off as long as it is original. If you have any doubt reagarding to this you can also check the website for more information about this contest from the above hyperlink text.

Sponsored by Dockers

Monday, May 12, 2008

DVice - Universal Remote

Universal remote controls are not a new invention as they have been around before. Even the iPhone can be configured to control everything in your home. This one is still worthy of a mention though as it uses a large touch screen on the front of the device which is used to control most aspects of your home. It is designed by David Chacon and is described by DVice as a “Nerve Centre right in your pocket”.

The Universal Remote control if made, would be able to control your lights, curtains, oven, TV, music etc… all from it’s graphical interface. If you do not like the design of the interface then the option is there to design your own front end.

Of course, if you want to switch on and control your oven, you will need a compatible oven… but if you want that lazy boy type life then no doubt you have remote controls for everything already and now you just need a Universal Remote to mix them all in to 1 device. It looks great though and something I could see my self using ;)

Sunday, May 11, 2008

SocialSpark Now Open For ALL

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Friday, May 9, 2008

BT-Q818 extreme: World’s Fastest GPS Receiver

QSTARZ has launched a Bluetooth GPS receiver. This GPS (Global Positioning System) receiver is believed to be the world’s fastest GPS receiver. This GPS Receiver is called BT-Q818 extreme.

BT-Q818 extreme tracks 51-channels and 32 hours of navigation time. It also features a -158dBm sensitivity, MTK chipset and USB connectivity. BT-Q818 has a built-in Bluetooth, adjustable 1 to 5Hz update rate and 36 seconds of signal acquisition time. The 5Hz accuracy is a boon to Extreme sports.

BT-Q818 can be used in laptops as well. On connecting to a laptop it can be used as a USB GPS mouse. A G-Mouse and Bluetooth, both in one, gives us a wired as well as wireless GPS receiver. Now that sounds amazing! This combination of Bluetooth and USB GPS receiver is sure to make wonders.

This BT-Q818 extreme is going to take the mobile industry to a greater level. This GPS Receiver is sure to make wonders with road racers, autocrossers, circle track racers, vehicles, boats, aviation etc.

Thursday, May 8, 2008

AR 1 Paints Hides Vehicles From Radar

A German inventor has developed a paint called AR 1 that can hide a vehicle from radar, and most importantly, "all militarily relevant frequencies." How it works is unclear, though one test researcher proposes it's either by reflecting radar waves in a pattern so they cancel one another out, or by utilizing microscopic magnets to absorb radar radiation. And no, it won't get you out of speeding tickets. The inventor's story is an interesting one, involving thousands of hours of lab trial and error, as well as international military interest in his product...that far outshined the response from his own country's military. But apparently the most promising and equitable use for such a paint could be civilian. Airport towers and buildings have a long history of interfering with flight control radars. And to simply make them disappear would be quite useful—as opposed to calling hangar 12 in for a landing or something.

Frontier(s) - Horror Movie

You like horror films? And some scary movies I think this is the time of you because a horror movie that is horrifying you completely comes I don’t know they horrifying you or not but Frontier(S) is a truly horror. This movie will come to horrify you on 9th may 08 so be well prepared yourself to watch the trailer of this movie Frontier(s). and one thing more this movie is not for all specially those who are minor and heart patients because of some images and trailers. Anyways when I first see the the traitors of this upcoming movie from their website I was very terrified. Some of the mini clips of this movie shows the violence they contains in the movie they have. As an uncut result of the truly horrifying, full of violence and extreme gory, this movie has been luckless unrated, to set a boundary on showing this movie theatrically wide. Frontier(S) is such a worth to be catch on cinemas movie, so the filmmaker took a chance at selected cinemas for one week release only. Be sure to catch it! As an unrated movie, a DVD release will be in the market on the 13th of May 2008.
For more information about this movie called Frontier(s) check their site for clips and trailers and feel the horror & violence they have

Sponsored by Frontier(s)

Monday, May 5, 2008

Beijing Solar Powered Gigantic LED Wall

Say what you will about the fiascoes leading up to the Beijing Olympics, but the event has brought along with it some amazing new architecture. Greeting visitors attending the Xicui entertainment complex near the site of the games is a 20,000 square foot wall of computer-controlled LEDs, the largest of its kind ever built. Better yet, the wall manages to power itself completely using only the sun.

The GreenPix Zero Energy Media Wall, designed by Simon Giostra & Partners and Arup, uses thousands of solar capture cells attached to each of its glass panels to charge up during the day and then release dazzling light shows at night. It's the first time perforated photovoltaics laminated in glass have ever been used in a building in China, but if all goes off without a hitch, it most certainly won't be the last.

The wall is a combination of three textured panels in low-, medium-, and high-transparency glass, employed together to create a "continuous carpet" of flowing design that's actually roughly 7 feet deep. The wall will showcase low-resolution LED imagery, to help conserve energy and paint an artsy gauze on whatever does get shown.

The project will be completed in June and will feature performance works by artists from all over the world.

Sunday, May 4, 2008

Nike Dunks with built-in WiFi detection

Get ready to pay atelier sneaker prices for these babies, because designer MSTRPLN (not to be confused with MSTRKRFT) and Ubiq (not to be confused with Ubiquio) teamed up to produce some straight black Nike Dunks with built-in WiFi detection. It's called A Step in the Right Direction, and we might actually agree.

Friday, May 2, 2008

Bluetooth enabled Flying Saucer

The Bluetooth enabled Flying Saucer is a hands free kit for a mobile phone which allows you to remotely operate your mobile with out hassle in your car or office.

The flying saucer has Bluetooth 1.2 which has a range of 10 meters. Echo and noise suppression technology help increase the quality of calls. To make a call you can use the voice dialling features on your mobile to initiate the calls. The device is battery powered and is supplied with a built in lithium ion battery.


* Low power consumption, long talk and standby time
* Stable performance, fast connections, the search operation of the sensitive and accurate
* Humanized design, easy installation, and can be easily used in cars or offices
* Support calls receive
* Maximum transfer rate : 723 KbPs
* With Bluetooth-enabled mobile phone, PDA, computer and other equipment
* When a call come in, the driver can easily answer keys with your fingers through the speakers and microphone equipment
* Dimensions: 98.6 mm (L) × 98.6mm (W) × 27.5mm (H)
* Accessories :
* Bluetooth Car Handsfree equipment
* Installation of a bracket
* 12/24 V car charger
* User manual