Thursday, January 31, 2008

Holidays in Ireland

I know very much honey moon is very special for couples and this event celebrate in such a place where you find complete peace of mind with natural beauty in surroundings so I think Ireland is one of the beautiful paces where you enjoys your honey moon. How about guys if you consider Ireland Hotels, Dublin Hotels, Cork Hotels and Belfast Hotels. I bet they are all really nice place to stay when you want to spend with your someone intimately.

As I was opening through the different links on those websites, I’ve seen that they really want their customers to be treated like king and queen. Imagine that? With surroundings as if you are on a real castle. You will be also entertained with good music, arts, galleries, and the different beautiful things around you.

these places not only nice for honeymoon couples but these places is very much excited for families here you can find great fun with your family because here are various places for tour, so make trip to Ireland these holidays!

Dell's building an Android phone to be unveiled next month?

Stick this one firmly in the rumor category, since all the verbiage that's been thrown around about this story still traces back to one single source: a slightly ill-informed article done up in MarketingWeek in the UK. The article cites unspecified "senior industry sources," and goes on about how this is Dell and Google working closely together on what is more or less the "Gphone." Since we have no reason to believe Google is going to jeopardize its Android OS by getting extra-friendly with one specific manufacturer, the primary weight we can give to this rumor is that fact that Dell picked up a former Motorola executive, Ron Garriques, to run its Global Consumer Group early last year. Other rumors have cropped up over the years about Dell moving in this direction, so it certainly wouldn't signal the apocalypse if a Dell-branded Android phone does show up at this rumored unveiling at 3GSM, but giving how early on Android is at the moment, we'll believe it when we see it.

Net Audio Ads

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Hands On Olympus Stylus 1030 SW Indestructo-Point and Shoots

Point-and-shoots bore the hell out of me, and most of the PMA P-and-S spam has all bled together at this point. But, I really like the shock- and water-proof armor Olympus has on its otherwise unremarkable 10MP Stylus 1030 SW. It's a steely hardass with style, and I love the exposed. It's actually very lightweight, but you still get a sense of its solidity in your hand (or banging it on the table). Its lesser sibling Stylus 850 SW is lesser both in person and on paper.

Shopping cart software

Im a web designer also many of you knows that, and I knows the work on different platform like php, java, html, e commerce etc. but many of you don’t knows about that these things I do without a training or course before, all these platforms relating to web designing like php, html I do without a course all these thing I learned though the many websites on that scripts and regarding this I build my personal site when I was in graduation after that u got many offers for building the websites of many companies but I don’t knows that one day I got a big offer for making a shopping website at that time I don’t know much about e-commerce website because this website are very difficult to built because in a single shopping website several scripts as well as programming runs and I don’t know about that so one time again I search the net for shopping site and I luckily find ashop shopping cart software if I can say in simple word this software change my web designing life for forever when I was firstly download this shopping cart software I don’t know much about that I only download for checking or for taking the rough trial after checking this site I was made the whole shopping site in some hours it’s was completely amazing and mind blowing when my brother see this shopping site they don’t believe that they made by me. if personally speaking I only say this shopping cart software is very helpful for those who wants to make their own shopping website this software is very much user-friendly interface so you could understand easily after making the whole site you have a full control of our order, customer, inventory, setting, lay out, content manager ,marketing and statistic. For everyone who like this software I recommend to don’t buy it until you check their free trial version because through free 10 day trial makes you confident about the handling of this software, And if you have any doubt query relating to software you can feel free to contact their customer support.

Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Skyfire Browser brings full internet to your Mobile

Skyfire is a mobile browser which promises to bring a better browsing experience to your mobile phone. Right now it is in private beta mode and unfortunately it is just available for those with a US phone number. As soon as it opens up to the UK I will be testing this one out. The browser says it can go anywhere and get anything which if true, would be a great step up in mobile browsing.

Phantom Mouse Saves your Job

If you are browsing the internet from your work PC and it’s against company policy you will find that if caught you might be out of a job. The Phantom mouse takes 1 step in a direction which might prevent that by introducing a small red button just below the scroll wheel. If your boss decides to walk your way you just hit the panic button and all the windows automatically hide.On a more serious note, companies do have other ways to track your internet usage, so by using this mouse you are not completely immune from being caught out ;) As the writing on the image above suggests, this mouse is not out over this side of the world right now.

Life Insurance

Many people like me are much concerned about the future of the family and many people choosing to invest the money in life insurance for securing the family. This effort is very good for safe the family in the future various companies around the globe offers various life insurances packages.

Some people prefer to get a term life insurance because this gives them a lifetime coverage and protection while others opt for short term coverage. If you’re planning to avail of a term life insurance, can give you the assistance you need in choosing the best insurance for you.

The site offers reliable life insurance quotes, online videos about insurance-related topics, and a list of life insurance companies with their services. Through Lifeinsure, you can compare rates and insurance companies without the need to give away your personal information or without feeling an obligation to purchase.

If you have any doubt problem or suggestion contact 866-691-0100 for assistance or visit for more information.

Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Tactile MP3 Player Begs to Be Touched

One look at this "Tactile MP3" player concept may have you thinking that it is a device for the blind. While, the control buttons do resemble Braille, this MP3 player is really for anyone that enjoys running their fingers across small raised bumps (and who doesn't love that!). It also has a clean design and a small form factor that is somewhat appealing. I can definitely see this type of approach being incorporated into real world products somewhere down the line.

Monday, January 28, 2008

Credit Cards

Now these days many people getting benefit with credit cards because this plastic money is widely acceptable like cash in hand and they are a safest secure and easily transferable other than cash, this electronic payment provide some facilities that we have an capability to instant pay the bills in any country without the hassle of currency.
As a means of electronic payment, many people sometimes forget that it’s not to pay something if we don’t have any money and without make payment. It’s just will help for a while if we need urge or fast money or to make easy and fast payment processing. Beside as electronic payment, credit card loans usually include other costly benefits such as frequent flier miles, purchase guarantees, and insurance.
After used credit card don’t forget to pay it fast because it has higher interest rates than most other consumer loan rates, due mainly to loan defaults, overhead, and the cost of financing the loans. Unlike most other consumer loans, credit card loans are not secured by assets that could be seized if the consumer defaulted. When apply for credit card, the two main sources of information that lenders use when deciding whether to grant us credit are our personal details on application form and the information held on us by the credit reference agencies. It must be accurate. Don't be tempted to lie on your application form about other cards or loans that you have as they'll just show up on your credit report and you'll be found out! so check this details when you are apply for an credit card be attentively.

LeapFrog Tags Reads Books, So Your Lazy Kids Don't Have To

LeapFrog today introduced a baby brother to the Fly "pentop computer." The $50 Tag uses the same Anoto high-res scanning technology to "read" specially printed books to kids, and can connect to the internet (OK, net-connected PC via USB) to download audio and programming for up to five books at a time. In addition to age-old classics like The Little Engine That Could and Olivia, the list of $14 launch titles will also include Kung Fu Panda: Po's Tasty Training and Walter the Farting Dog Goes on a Cruise—books I didn't have the privilege of enjoying when I was a lad. All of this happens this summer.

Blog Advertising

Blogging is my passion and im doing foe the fun only not for money! But money is important factor to maintain the blog with good hosting and with good soft wares for SEO. I make money from my blog through some adds program but smorty is a great website for those Bloggers who wants to get paid to blog, with the help of smorty you can easily earn money by giving your honest reviews on advertisers product or service. Basically if I say in simple words I define smorty is a blog advertising website which provides a medium that connects advertiser to Bloggers and provides positive post to the advertisers for their products & services with their link back to the website and on the other hand Bloggers get paid for their sponsored posts. So I recommend smorty to all those Bloggers who wants some money for maintain their blog & pocket as well :)one thing more I like the site of more because this site is very much user-friendly as well as simple interface any blogger can easily find their new offers easily and submitting of the offer is also very much easy so the smorty admin is aware about the completes offer from the side of blogger.

CybertronPC CM900, Eee's long-lost twin?

Sure, it looks like the Eee, it sports the same CPU as the Eee, heck, it even appears to use the Eee's OS -- but it's actually the CM900! What does that mean? Well for starters, you'll pay more money for less computer ($349.99 for a 2GB system, the same price for a 4GB ASUS)... but of course you'll have that CybertronPC name to fall back on. Honestly, we'd say this was a rebrand if it weren't for the minor differences in specs, and who knows -- maybe it is. If not, however, this is the knock-offingest knock-off we've seen in a good long while. Far be it from us to condemn the CybertronPC gang for trying to get in while the gettin's good, but maybe next time these guys could at least give us a fair shake on the storage / price breakdown?

Sunday, January 27, 2008

$ 8 Complete Prescription Eyeglasses+ Case

Today I got an great website if I say in my words that this site was a Great Discovery: Zenni Optical for any one who are looking for Prescription Glasses, frames, tinted suglasses lens, sunsensor (potochromic)lens and many more related to eye wears at very best prices! even you buy in ubbeleivable prices the Zenni Optical $8 Rx Glasses, the main Best Thing Found: Zenni Optical that you can find eye wears and other things in very suitable prices with best quality. These things are in very low price because this company sells the product directly to the customer without any middlemen.

Saturday, January 26, 2008

HDD Stage Rack grows an eSATA port

You already loved it in its USB 2.0 incarnation. Now check the HDD Stage Rack with an additional eSATA interface. Who couldn't use an extra 315MB/s transfer rate for their 2.5-inch or 3.5-inch disks? Yours now for $57.15 before those excessive shipping costs are factored in.

Address Plagues

Today I see a great website which sells residential mailboxes, and Address Plagues. This website called They had tons of mailbox designs and really elegant address plagues available on their website at very reasonable prices. Took me two hours to tour the entire website page by page and to decide which one to pick out of tons of awesome designs I picked the Custom Painted Mailboxes because it’s simple and you can choose what design you want, so check this site for your new mailbox which defines your style from exterior!

Friday, January 25, 2008

Flying Stick Camera

Photographers interested in taking endless shots of themselves with their arms outstretched will surely love this flying stick camera concept from designer Tsunho Wang. Just "rub the stick" between your palms and use the built up energy to send the camera whizzing into the air. Once airborne, the camera will automatically take a series of photographs at set intervals. No specs were mentioned regarding the stick cam, but seeing as how it is a concept that won't see the light of day, it probably doesn't matter all that much.

Payday Loan

We need money for everything especially to survival of the life without the money no one live their life. So relating to that sometime we need urgent money for meeting financial needs so at these difficult moments payday loans are useful.

At you can find a list of online cash advance companies on this list you can choose any of the payday loan for you according to your requirement with the help of you can choose different payday loan website at one place. These payday loans is one of the easiest way of getting money faster to their checking account I think applying in payday loan with is hundred percent better than applying in the bank for loan because banking institutions take more time in processing than pay day loans. also provides the information on how to get approved payday loans and also provides the info on various payday loan/cash advance companies across the US, at now you can be able to apply for cash advance/payday loans up to $1500 on these sites. so check this site for solving your financial needs.

Buffalo Keyboard with built in Skype Phone

The Buffalo keyboard features a phone attached to the right hand side of the keyboard. It allows everything you need to communicate be right there with you. For some reason it reminds me of something Dr. Evil would have on his desk, although looking at the size of the actual handset, it’s probably something he has mini-me use.

When the BKBU-SKJ109/SV (Long way of saying Skype keyboard) is released in Japan it will cost $65. The phone is Skype certified and just requires a small piece of software to communicate with the Skype software on your computer.

Thursday, January 24, 2008

Using Autopay For Your Bills

I see usually people forget to pay the money for debts because the life of everyone’s is fast and forgetting about the important things like paying of money we forgetter generally so relating to that and solving this problem as a serious matter of concern using using autopay for your bills or debts in the banks, the bills and other things are paid through this each month and you have no longer worried about the bills/debts etc.

AQUOS X Is World's Thinnest Production TV, Says Sharp

The new Sharp AQUOS X series are only 1.35 inches deep, which is thinner than their old IFA bags and, according to Sharp, makes them the world's thinnest LCD televisions in production. All of them have full high definition resolution at 37, 42 and 47 inches. What is Sharp thinning trick this time? Among other things, all the tuner and in/out connections are in a separate box, which is connected to the panel by a single cable (Ed: like my old Philips Flat TV.) The rest of the specs look very good.Sharp claims a 15,000:1 dynamic contrast ratio (900:1 absolute) for these LCDs, and a 450 cd/m2 brightness with double-speed 120 Hz refresh rate and 176 degree viewing angle. A proprietary 12-bit processor, designed to give smooth tone variations, handles the color processing. The system has 3 HDMI inputs along with analog and digital tuners. It has a thin-profile 8-speaker soundsystem integrated in the chassis, with a 1-bit digital amplifier.

Putting about 10 pounds of electronics in the separate tuner box means that the 46 inch model weighs only about 48 pounds, which will be great for your back if you hang it. It will be available in Japan this March for ¥350,000 ($3,290) for the LC-B-37XJ1, ¥430,000 ($4,050) for the LC-B-42XJ1, and ¥480,000 ($4,510) for the big LC-B-46XJ1

Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Price Comparison Site

We all like shopping, and nobody person I know which don’t like it, shopping is also very important activity for a human for buying the stuff of their daily needs from the market. And buying the things in good quality as well as at reasonable prices is also a very tough work only those people successful in shopping who knows everything related to market, the product they want to buy and other market conditions until they will make fool from the site of shopkeepers so avoiding these activity so relating to that today I found a great website called where you can easily find the product you want with their price comparison information of various companies. Basically is an price comparison website where you can able to compare the prices from various companies product before you want to buy. The website of has a wide category of all the products stuff from various companies for a good comparison. I personally thinks this site is more useful for those people who want to safe their time of price comparison by going different stores. is also offering the top most four product of the week which is more buy in the week. This site helping the consumer by giving useful tips. One thing more if you having tight budget and you want to buy a product in your desired budget tell the and provide the product name you wants with your budget they provide the info regarding your stuff with the most best deal suited to you. So check this site for your product comparison you want.

Simplest USB Digital Camera Ever

What do you get when you develop a digital camera that lacks one of the most important benefits that digital cameras provide? This EazzzY USB camera concept from designer Sungwoo Park that's what. The device is stripped down to its bare functions—only one button, a pinhole sized viewfinder, and USB connectivity.

Plus it is small enough to be a choking hazard. Apparently the idea was to develop a camera that provides users with the thrill of not knowing how their shots turned out without having to use traditional film. Yeah, sign me up for that if it ever hits the market.

Web Hosting Choice

If you are a newbee in relating to choosing a good web hosting than I like to suggest the great website called where you can find different web hosting companies according to your choice requirement of your web needs at affordable rates, I if I say this website is an web hosting choice guide for you that this is not wrong. The provides various information regarding to web hosting specially while choosing a good & reliable web host

Hidden Earpiece

This device is not one I would choose to use due to how it hides almost inside your ear. This particular device is a two-way micro earpiece which is practically invisible. It can connect to many mobile devices to receive the signals with the 2.5mm audio output. It costs $650 and would be good for security type operations where the user doesn’t mind the possibility of loosing it inside their head.

Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Website Optimization Firm

Now these days there are various website optimization firm helps a website for providing web visibility to different search engines around the globe through this thing you can able to get targeted as well as quality new visitors to your website in tons, Helping create and upload content. It’s no secret that the inclusion of relevant, keyword rich content on a website greatly increases its attractiveness in terms of search engine ranking. Further, interesting, entertaining, and informative copy adds value for customers visiting a website and increases the possibility of them returning. Further, if your website is rich in information other websites are more likely to want to link to your site – bringing more visitors your way and increasing your online visibility. To that end, a website optimization firm will help a client create the most appropriate copy and will help them continually update their site to include such content. Reassess design. Not every website design stands the test of time. It may be that your design no longer reflects the service you provide or does not include the most up-to-date technology. A website optimization firm will work with clients to ensure that their website is everything that they want it to be and is user-friendly and fast loading enough to attract and retain visitors. Publicizing the site through optimization it is very important that the company you hire for optimization the website is overall good and highly qualified in this area so they are enable to your site that they have good visitors through search engines, and making the site search engine friendly using reciprocal link, networking sites, directories etc.

Philips READIUS Materializes With Fold-Away Screen

The Philips READIUS prototype that we showed you over a year ago, is finally materializing as an actual consumer product, but not just as an e-reader but a mobile phone. The READIUS has a slightly different design than the prototype, with a 5-inch flexible display that actually rolls up around the phone, allowing it to be stored when not in use. The phone is manufactured under Polymer Vision which is partly owned by Philips. The Dutch company has yet to release complete specs for the phone, but the READIUS is show as having a large display and great battery life.

Shopping Cart Software

Some of you knows that im a web designer also o start web designing 3 years back when I was in graduation and start web designing from my personal website after that in a very few time many companies approaching me for designing their website and I build the sites for them but on these days I don’t know much about ecommerce designing and their scripting software etc one day my brother gives me a project of a ecommerce site! This project is very good for me because from this I was earned highly.. so I accept this opportunity and searching on the net about ecommerce programming, greatly I found an awesome software of ecommerce, when i was download this software I thinks that they are complicated & I don’t handle this one but after checking this software I build the whole shopping site in some hours with the help of this shopping cart software its really awesome and very user friendly interface any one who don’t know much about ecommerce programming can create there whole professional shopping site in some hours also with we can take our full control of our order, customer, inventory, setting, lay out, content manager ,marketing and statistic. We can view and edit it and they give us very complete reports. If you also interested in this one I recommend to you don’t buy it first. Firstly check their demo trial version of this software for assurity and after that if you find that they are amazing for you that they are! So if you are interested and like this softwar ei recommends to buy directly from their official website.

15 103 inch Screens Sold by Panasonic

The 103 inch plasma screen beast that was launched by Panasonic back in 2006 has now topped a mass total of 15 units being sold. The TV costs $80000 and due to the size of it, I am not too surprised that only 15 were sold. 5 of those 15 went to one customer also.

It does make me wonder if it was really worth it for Panasonic to push the boundaries to a size that most people couldn’t even fit in their house.

Monday, January 21, 2008

Katherine Heigl Scrubs

If you are a medical professional or some medical related field and want some professional as well as fashionable wear which suits to your designation, but you thinks that this type of wear available? The answer is yes, then don't wait another second. Get yourself a new pair of Katherine Heigl Scrubs. These Katherine Heigl scrubs are so trendy and comes in a variety of designs for both scrub tops and scrub pants.

Medical scrubs do not need to come off as boring to wear. There are lots of designs and colors that you can choose and shop online. Wearing of nursing uniforms or any other medical related uniform can be as trendy as wearing any ordinary civilian clothes.

All nurses out there stay pretty and sexy with the coolest and hippest peaches scrubs today. I never thought that scrubs can go as trendy as it can get. I think this scrubs are very trendy and you looks gorgeous as well as fashionable in that so change your look and style today from previous boring scrubs to these trendy comfortable scrubs.

Security Chair Gives You a Place to Put Your Crap

When out at a restaurant or coffee shop, we are often forced to sling our coats over the chair or put our purses and bags on the dirty, dirty floor. My guess that this annoying reality is the inspiration behind the Chair Wardrobe concept by designer Erohina Yulia. As you can see, the chair features a slide out hanger for jackets and sweaters as well as ample storage space for anything else we happen to be carrying. It is a simple, straightforward design that makes a lot of sense. Unfortunately, I can also see how easy it would be to store chewed gum and garbage in here. Perhaps your crap would be better off on the floor.

Point Of Sale Equipments

In this world of business we totally depend on highly advanced equipment for increasing our productivity as well as customer and on the other they well reduce the time with accuracy but only those people in the business stayed for long who taking good care of their equipments I see generally many people don’t care it mainly point of sale systems, barcode scanners so I think this is very necessary that people aware and provides periodical services to these equipments. But is a site which provides you the quality equipments like point of sale system - Fujitsu pos systems, ibm surepos pos, NCR point of sale products and many more. This company only provides the quality expertise point of sale products which help you in the smooth running of your business, these products from this website helps you to learn in proper and periodical maintenance of your equipments for higher productivity in the business. So if you want some more information on that you can find on their great website so check it out.

Philips GoGear MP3 Player

GoGear is made by Philips. The latest MP3 player with this brand is the SA2845 which is due out the first quarter of this year. They have a relatively low price of $29 - $49 and the player is very compact and looks rather cool. It has an OLED display, USB 2.0 connectivity and an FM tuner built in. On the storage side there is sufficient too with it having 4GB built in which is enough for a good amount of albums to be stored.

House Plans

For a good house its very important that they having a good plan before they build, effective as well as good planning makes your house good in every aspects. You need to plan how your house will look like. This way you’ll have a clear picture of what your house be when its done. Just compare the difference between unplanned house and a planned house. In the former spaces are not properly utilized and it can look like a clutter too. Not to forget that you get to know the bounds of your finances if you have a plan to stick to. That’s in general. Helping you design and plan for your home is This site is very helpful. You can search for home plans, be it Log Home Plans, bungalow house Plans, Ranch House Plans, and not only that you can input your specifications, say number of bedrooms, bathrooms, etc. in a search form and you will be provided with different house styles, designs matching your specifications and the budget you specified. It’s like realizing a plan and actually seeing what you have in mind. On this website you can be able to compare various house plans and through this effort you can give a new look as well as design to your house so check this website.

Gucci Concept Watch with Flexible Screen

With flexible OLED screens becoming more popular it’s time they were put to good use. This Gucci Concept watch has been designed to integrate an LED screen in to the bracelet. A sliding door covers the screen up when not needed.

Online Casinos with

If you are n new bee in online casinos and want an trusted site where you can able to play online casino so I say one thing to you that I have an great website called which helps you in finding of top online casino because on this site you can able to search top online casino according to their rankings also you find here about the whole information regarding various online casinos over the US. This site really helps you because they have an awesome info on various top online casino and their games that they provide to customers like poker, blackjack, bingo etc. Through you don’t worried about the authenticity of various top casino because only index those casino site in their site who are US approved as well as scam free and also having good payment system according to US regulations with support like customer care, so you don’t worried about your money while gambling. so play now, online casino without the tension of scams.

Zoom Lens For Your Iphone

In the previous post we provide you the information regarding pocket guitar software for you iphone but now this new attachment from Conice can take the standard 2 mega pixel camera and add 6x optical zoom on to it. This will allow for some better close up shots from greater distances.

The lens attaches on to an acrylic case which then fastens on to the iPhone. The lens is 2.87 inches long and weighs almost as much as the phone. The next bit of good news is that it costs $14.77.

Top USA online casinos

One thing never change in this world that is gambling from various civilizations gambling is one of the thing which never stop ya but they changes its shapes look etc in ancient age people play gambling games in shape of dices etc now in this age people play gambling with high-tech devise knows as computer games etc. In today world gambling is very common people are much interested in this thing and making money in casino’s bars etc. but now gambling change there shape and goes online everyone who is a poker, blackjack player done this and make money . I see on the internet there are several online casino where you can play your favorites online casino games but on the other hand I find a great website today which provides whole information on the top USA online casinos, this free guide site offers you to play safe and scam free game in online casinos. This site of is totally free of charge with the help of this site you can be able to play gambling on the right place without the hassle of scam. On this site you will check top 10 online casino website which are ranked by professional players by their trust, games, quality, goodwill, customer support, payout, design etc.

One thing morein last I like this site very much because of easy user-friendly design anyone can easily access this site and check the info they want.

Sunday, January 20, 2008

PocketGuitar Lets You Kick Out Riffs With Your iPhone

You were born to rock, and to help you live dream, Shinya Kasatani has released PocketGuitar for the iPhone and iPod touch. The application looks insanely great, and we cannot believe it has taken humanity this long to realize the true destiny of the iPhone. It makes so much sense now; it is the guitar of the future, sent back to destroy enemies of rock music. If your not feeling up to an acoustic solo session, fret not, well actually, you will need to fret, but you can do all your fretting alongside music that is already stored on your iPhone. That's right, you can be Hendrix. Man, you are so in to the music, you are Hendrix. That some heavy, insane music philosophy right there. To get your fingers strumming, launch Installer and follow these instructions: Installer > Sources > Add to your repositories. PockeGuitar is filed under the Toys category. If this takes off in a big way, expect iPhone finger board extension peripherals to drop soon. We can't

Saturday, January 19, 2008

WowPen Digitizes Your Writings, Drawings

Sure, there are really slick tablets out there meant for artists and graphic designers, but writing on a tablet is still not the same as writing on paper. That's why devices like this unfortunately-named WowPen keep popping up; they want to give people the ability to turn their pen-and-paper drawings into digital masterpieces.

Unfortunately, these things are currently better suited for writing and crude drawings than artistic masterpieces (unless crude drawings are your masterpieces, of course), so you're probably still better off just getting used to using a tablet for now. This one involves sticking a USB device to the top of your pad of paper; it senses what you're drawing, and you can hit a button to switch between drawing and using it as a mouse. Could be useful, depending on what you need it for.

Friday, January 18, 2008

Signal Blocking Bag

Sometimes it is nice to have some space as we are constantly bombarded with communication in the form of emails and the mobile phone. Switching off your phone might not be a way you want to keep calls away, so this little signal blocking bag could be ideal. When you do not want to be disturbed, just put your phone in the bag and all signals will not reach the mobile. It’s dimensions are 104 * 93 * 4mm and any modern mobile phone should squeeze in quite nicely.

Promo Codes From

Now the month of January is going-on and when this month ends Valentines day is coming.. That means it is time to do a lot of shopping but I begin to panic about money. There is one site that can help ease some of the pain of buying those expensive valentine gifts. Coupon Chief offers promo codes for many major retailers. I could shop for everyone on my list just by using their codes. My girl friend “lisa” would love her own computer from Dell so i want to buy new laptop for them by using Dell Coupons. I could even buy Wesley and Lani some toys at Target. Of course, I can't forget about my self! I would love to get that new camera from Best Buy with the help of best buy coupons I could go on and on, but I will let you head on over and check the coupons out for yourself on Each coupon even has an option to email your friends and share the love and expand the relationship between them, so enjoys the valentine day!

Ultimate Bulb Changer

A bulb changer that not only helps you reach those hard to reach light bulbs, but it also screws and unscrews them for you. This motorized light bulb changing system helps to replace hard to reach light bulbs both indoors and outdoors. It features a telescoping handle and articulating head, as well as a powered vacuum that holds bulbs securely. It is 7 ft. long fully extended and comes with a detachable remote control.

Thursday, January 17, 2008

Vuzix iWear AV920-C further isolates multi-player gamers

Vuzix, once known as Icuiti, is back with a modified video eyewear design for gamers which they claim is a world's first. The AV902-C starts with their AV902 headset's twin 640 x 480 LCDs. They then add the ability to segment multi-player displays so that the person wearing the AV902-C only sees their half (2-player) or quadrant (in 4-player) of the screen presented as a 62-inch virtual display. Up to four of the AV902-C's can be daisy chained together for distraction-free (and cheat-free) gaming. Available February for an undisclosed price.

Wednesday, January 16, 2008 - A Free Consumer Resource

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Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Brando's 2.5-inch enclosure with "RFID security"

Egads, Brando has stepped out of their techno-kitsch stronghold and into something potentially useful. The appropriately cryptic STYSEN E08 is a 2.5-inch USB 2.0 SATA disk enclosure with a bit of RFID trickery baked in. With the RFID fob in hand (and at an unspecified range), the drive can be encrypted and decrypted -- an LED glows to communicate the drive's locked or unlocked state. Unfortunately, there's no details about the "hardware-based encryption" used which makes us wonder about the level of safety vs. gimmickry within. Yours for $56 with 2x RFID keys... you know, just in case.

Earn from every visitor

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Monday, January 14, 2008

MisuraEmme Wall Combines Home Entertainment With Booze

When we've got enough money to get what looks like a 1500 sqft living room/home theater area, we're going to load one wall up with a MisuraEmme wall system. Not because it classes up the place in a way that cardboard boxes just do not, but because it combines a sliding flat-screen TV with a self-contained home theater unit with a bar. Did we mention that it's classy? Because the rest of your home could be an S&M dungeon, but as long as you've got this to greet houseguests when they first enter, you'll still be able to get on the cover of Drunken TV Monthly.

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Silver LG Prada with onscreen QWERTY

The LG Prada is a great looking phone which will be made available in silver. It is due out later this month across a number of countries in Europe and will now feature a full QWERTY keyboard on screen rather then just the T9 key pad input.

Sunday, January 13, 2008

Wholesale Clothing Distributor

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USB 3.0 Revealed

USB 2.0 is way cooler then the previous version as it could run up to 480MBps. However, that is going to be smashed through soon due to the release of the USB 3.0 standard. This new standard will be capable of transfer speeds up to 4.8Gbps which is a HUGE leap of 10 times. The 3.0 specification should be with us early this year with products arriving in 2009 - 2010. USB 3.0 will be backwards compatible with 2.0 and 1.1. Also it will feature some more efficient protocols which will shut down to preserve power when not in use. The cables will be parallel optical which allows for the higher speeds. Bring it on!

Fish Aquariums for your Office & Home

Some days before I got an good job, in this job I find the employer in this officeare very good in behaviour and they are very helpful to new one one thing I notd theold employees in this office are very much efficient and feeling refresh so I thinks personally why thewre not stresses and I also not stressed in this office when the work is lot, I noted this office interior is so good and they give relaxation to the mind the awesome fish tank being placed in front of MD room giving mind blowing refreshnees to the employees.

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These types of fish tank not only beautify the interios of your home/ office but provide priceless peace in their surroundings.

Saturday, January 12, 2008

MP3 Jacket With Shoulder Speakers

Jackets that incorporate MP3 players are nothing new, but my guess is that only the MP3 Lederhosen and Hunting Jacket can compete with this "Smart Jacket" in terms of sheer weirdness. Actually, MP3 Lederhosen is far weirder than this, but I digress...

Basically, the Smart Jacket is a vest that features built-in shoulder speakers, a set of player controls and a secure pouch to hold your MP3 player while in use. It also looks a hell of a lot like a life vest, and the "annihilation orange" color scheme isn't what I would call attractive. However, it was designed with joggers in mind, so there is a safety component involved here. Not sure if it is worth it though. Pricing information has not been released.

Audio Ads For Sites & Blogs

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Friday, January 11, 2008

Photo Light Skateboard Enables 24-Hour SK8 Fanaticism

Okay SK8rZ, save up your mom's pennies, because here comes the Photo Light Skateboard, lighting up sidewalks and metal stair railings with enough LEDs to illuminate that Christmas tree sitting on the curb. Between 29 and 54 LEDs draw attention to you, but it'll cost you $110 to $200 for the privilege of riding atop all the falderal.

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Thursday, January 10, 2008

Samsung Touch-Screen F490 Cellphone Launched Today, To Be Licked Later in The Year

The Samsung F490 has been launched today, but not at CES. As expected, the touch-based phone from Samsung, looks pretty. The cellphone has a 3.2-inch 262,000 color touchscreen, 5 megapixel camera and supports HSDPA at 3.6Mbps. No release date yet for the US, but it looks like it will reach Europe first for a whooping $734 without contract.

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Wednesday, January 9, 2008

iriver's E100 flash player revealed

Announced a few days ago, iriver is now showing off the 2.4-inch E100 flash player with stereo speakers to the world. Its D-click navigation sits atop 4GB, 8GB, or 16GB of storage which is augmented by a microSD slot.

Unlock your DVD player

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