Monday, January 28, 2008

Blog Advertising

Blogging is my passion and im doing foe the fun only not for money! But money is important factor to maintain the blog with good hosting and with good soft wares for SEO. I make money from my blog through some adds program but smorty is a great website for those Bloggers who wants to get paid to blog, with the help of smorty you can easily earn money by giving your honest reviews on advertisers product or service. Basically if I say in simple words I define smorty is a blog advertising website which provides a medium that connects advertiser to Bloggers and provides positive post to the advertisers for their products & services with their link back to the website and on the other hand Bloggers get paid for their sponsored posts. So I recommend smorty to all those Bloggers who wants some money for maintain their blog & pocket as well :)one thing more I like the site of more because this site is very much user-friendly as well as simple interface any blogger can easily find their new offers easily and submitting of the offer is also very much easy so the smorty admin is aware about the completes offer from the side of blogger.

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