Monday, June 30, 2008

Mercedes-Benz hoping "Petro Free" Cars In 7 Years

While Audi is over there planning to produce an electric car within the next decade, Mercedes-Benz is hoping to be completely petro free within seven years. At least that's the word according to a recent report in The Sun. Dr. Herbert Kohler, who is responsible for Mercedes' advanced engineering, has reportedly suggested that "by 2015 motorists will have switched almost completely to alternative fuel cars." In order to make sure it's not left out, the automaker already has an electric car in the works for 2010 as well as plans to use its DiesOtto engine which will give motorists the ability to use biofuels should they choose. Still, aiming to phase petroleum completely out of its lineup by 2015 sounds overly ambitious from here, but we certainly won't complain if it achieves said goal.

Sunday, June 29, 2008

Golden Palace Casino

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DXG-567V HD Camcorder Upload Videos To Youtube

USA-based DXG USA, manufacturer of digital camera, has launched its latest portable camcorder, called DXG-567V. Boasting to be a high-definition (HD) camcorder, it has the ability to directly upload the beautiful videos that are taken to the web video sites such as YouTube.

With the size of a mobile phone, the DXG-567V camcorder can record high-definition videos that are captured at a resolution of up to 1280 x 720 at 30 frames-per-second (FPS). Users also have freedom to share it with other people without compromising on the size or the quality. The features of the camcorder include 5.0 megapixel with CMOS Sensor, H.264 Video Compression and 2.0 high-resolution TFT screen.

The pocket-sized camcorder also incorporates buttons that are all within reach. Users can also connect the video recording gadget to any plasma or HDTV with the included cables so that they can watch the outstanding video on the big screen and appreciate each moments.

Furthermore, the DXG-567V camcorder is loaded with Rapid Blog Manager Software to make uploading and sharing of videos on the internet easy. All you need to do is connect the included retractable USB connector to a PC that can automatically upload videos from the camera to YouTube or on a blog or other Web video site, after launching its menu on the screen. The camera also packs S-video, composite video and rechargeable AA batteries.

DXG also offers optional ArcSoft TotalMedia Extreme software (a $99 retail value,) that helps owners to create, edit and watch videos. With this, two unique applications are also available that enhance the movie-watching experience with features and options right and a separate program that allows consumers to make amazing customized movies.

DXG-567V HD Camcorder has reached the US market in four radiant colors like black, red, pink and sky blue. it carries a retail cost of $179

Portable Blow Up Mouse

The Jelly Click takes mouse portability to the extreme. All the electronic circuity lives on a small flexible board. The body itself is just soft plastic. Whenever you need a mouse, blow up the Jelly Click, attach the USB cable and you’re good to go. As a bonus, it’s a floaty for you swimming challenged people.

Carbon Neutral Search

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Saturday, June 28, 2008

Canadian Mini Satellite Will Detect Earth Destroying Asteroids

It's hardly the only project out there that's aiming to detect asteroids on a collision course with Earth before it's too late, but this effort backed by Defence Research Development Canada and the Canadian Space Agency does take a slightly different tact than most and, despite appearances above, it's apparently actually close to a launch. Dubbed the NEOSSat, the suitcase-sized satellite packs a 15-centimeter diameter telescope that's able to look for objects near the sun (something impossible to do from Earth), and it'll reportedly be able to stay in orbit around Earth for at least five years using no more power than a 60-watt light bulb. If all goes as planned, the satellite will hitch a ride into space sometime in 2010, when it'll take part in NASA's efforts to find 90 percent of the 95,000 near-Earth "space rocks" that are at least 140 meters in diameter before 2020.

Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Mistubishi's LaserVue: The Rear-Projection 1080p TV

Details on Mistubishi's LaserVue, the rear-projection 1080p televison that uses frickin' laser beams to display exceptionally rich color, are pouring out. The TV set will come in 65" and 73" varities when it ships in Q3 this year. It's 10" deep, thin by historical standards, but still somewhat thick for today's tastes, but the 120Hz set consumes a fraction of the power of LCDs and plasmas and is 3D-capable out of the box. No word on price.

Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Adding Computer RAM

Many people having the same problem that their computer is slower and 90 percent don’t know why the reason behind it! Yes computer is getting slower and slower because it may be caused that your memory is small according to your computer. Mostly peoples have a fear that their computer is slow because of viruses but its one side truth most of the times our computer disk full because of applications files documents and at this time our computer needs some extra memory, its not hard disk but its RAM for handling instant process and I think this is the right time for Adding Computer RAM before any other problem arise due to lack of memory, so if you decide that you are upgrading you pc that I recommend to check good store for availing the parts because some times innocent people are fraud by duplicate parts so be aware. I know a store called which is known for their good service as well best products. provides large range of products for your pc upgrade you can check here for different types of RAM also available! So when you want to upgrade your RAM noted down the RAM model no. e.g DDR PC2700 for avoiding any hassle at the time of installation.

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Saturday, June 21, 2008

Mercedes-Benz Integerates Iphone Cradle in Cars

German car manufacturer Mercedes is buying the iPhone-is-God credo, and has come up with a designated piece of gear to allow Benz drivers to integrate their iPhones into the car system. The $249 gadget works with the C-, E-, CLK-,
CLS-, S-, CL-, SL-, M- and R-Class cars, as well as the forthcoming GLK-Class. It connects your phone to the car's audio system via either the optionally available Media Interface or the retrofittable iPod® Interface Kit.

Thursday, June 19, 2008

PSP Firmware 4.00 Will Offer Google Search

Sony has announced the latest version of firmware for its very popular portable video game console, PlayStation Portable. This forthcoming 4.00 update will incorporate the Google search engine directly to the XcrossMediaBar.

Needless to say, this feature will be accessible via the World Wide Web, allowing gamers to conveniently search online content on the PSP.

Eric Lempel, director (Operations) of PlayStation Network mentioned in a post on the PlayStation blog, that this newly introduced firmware upgrade will make possible Google Internet search with a recall of 20 search items.

He said, “This new upgrade replicates the Google Internet search experience, delivering the same search results that you’d get at”

It’s is a simple process that gamers need to follow. They need to connect to the Google search engine from the PSP XMB Network with the help of a new ‘Internet Search’ option. Users have to take care of one important aspect while making use of the highly popular search bar; they have to connect to the web through a Wi-Fi hotspot or wireless access point.

In addition, the upcoming firmware 4.00 update is also said to provide a great option, wherein players can change the viewing speeds while playing videos from Memory Stick cards. To carry on with this feature, users are expected to press directional buttons up or down on the d-pad.

There is no information given about the specific release date. However, the press release stated that the Sony PSP firmware 4.00 update will be available “soon”.

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Satisfy Your Partner & Yourself

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Monday, June 16, 2008

Motorola New MOTOROKR Wireless speakers Range

Here is the latest addition to Motorola’s MOTOROKR peripherals range, named MOTOROKR EQ. This newest speaker range offers portability, mobility and top-rate functionality. The three speakers include MOTOROKR EQ3 Compact Folding Speaker, MOTOROKR EQ5 and EQ7 wireless speakers.

Enjoy superior quality anywhere and anytime. The lightweight MOTOROKR EQ3 Compact Folding Speaker is available with an extension to the standard audio cable that enables an enhanced FM radio reception for continuous streaming of tunes. The battery-operated EQ3 can be folded while globe trotting.

Motorola’s EQ5 and EQ7 wireless speakers have been developed to not only provide wireless streaming of music but also offer speakerphone calls. For rich and superior-quality audio, users can easily connect to MP3 player, PC or mobile phone by using the wireless Bluetooth technology (with A2DP Bluetooth profile). It is equipped with integrated controls that switch between music and phone calling with just a touch of a button, ensuring that users do not miss a call. Besides, the music pauses when they receive a call. It also promises echo and noise cancellation for crystal clear sound.

The portable EQ5 wireless Speaker is a sleek and stylish pocket-sized audio device that comes with a rechargeable battery. It is pre-installed with SRS WOW HD audio technology to offer superior stereo surround sound.

MOTOROKR EQ7 Wireless Hi-Fi Stereo Speaker claims to incorporate premium audio technology from JBL, allowing users to appreciate a truly rich, portable sound experience. They can enjoy a wireless range of up to 100m and charge speakers either by batteries or a plug-in adapter.

Supporting a 3.5 mm standard audio jack, the Motorola EQ Speaker range can work accurately with Nokia, Sony Ericsson, LG, Samsung and Motorola products.

There is no information on the price and availability of the MOTOROKR EQ speakers.

Friday, June 13, 2008

World's First Cellphone Having In-Built Projector

While we've been watching the development of pico-projectors with interest, Chinese company Cking has gone ahead and built what may be the first production phone with a projector built in.

From the photos of the phone at the Tianjin Mobile Phone exhibition you can see it's a chunky candybar with the pico-projector beneath a lens on the top end. Apparently it's a 640 x 480 resolution projector with manual focus, a picture size up to 30-inches and the battery can give it about two hours of projection time. The LED light source must generate a fair whack of heat, since the phone is punched full of holes at the projector end, presumably so that it doesn't collapse into a molten heap of parts.

Pretty interesting, but really, you've got to laugh at the phone's UI: looks like OS X, doesn't it? Though this looks like a real product, there's no info on whether we'll see it outside China's borders.

Thursday, June 12, 2008

Yamaha Home Theatre Lightning Speaker

Yamaha has teamed up with lighting experts Koizumi to create these home theater speakers with built-in lighting. Each unit has three 25W halogen lamps that are remote control-dimmable down to 20% brightness, designed to reduce the contrast between your TV picture and the wall behind to "ease the burden on your eyes." So, a kind of one-color, non-reactive ambilight then, but the effect they produce is pretty subtle and saves you from installing moodlighting.

The 47-inch high units have a 70Hz - 35kHz response, and will cost around $1,250, but there's no info on availability.

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Finally iPhone 3G Announced- Special Report

After all the buzz and sizzle Apple finally introduces the new iPhone 3G. This phone is anticipated to revolutionize the telecom industry. It brings with it a faster 3G networking, in-built GPS capability for mobile services (expanded location) and iPhone 2.0 software that bundles up many applications at just half the price. Apple is celebrating the anniversary of the iPhone by bringing technology on the most advanced platform in the world.

Apple has been striving to make the iPhone available in more than 70 countries later this year, and this effort is clearly seen as Apple begins with the customer availability of the iPhone in 22 countries. Australia, Austria, Belgium, Canada, Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, Hong Kong, Ireland, Italy, Japan, Mexico, Netherlands, New Zealand, Norway, Portugal, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, UK and the US will be countries to grab this phone on July 11. The 8 GB version is available only in black color and the 16 GB one is available in both black and white colors.

“Just one year after launching the iPhone, we’re launching the new iPhone 3G that is twice as fast at half the price,” said Steve Jobs, Apple’s CEO. “ iPhone 3G supports Microsoft Exchange ActiveSync right out of the box, runs the incredible third party apps created with the iPhone SDK, and will be available in more than 70 countries around the world this year.”

The new 3G version offers faster access to the Internet and email with quad-band GSM and tri-band HSDPA for voice and data connectivity. The iPhone not only supports Wi-Fi, 3G and EDGE networks but also provides automatic switching between them and assures fastest possible download speeds. The multi-tasking feature allows simultaneous voice and data communications that enables you to browse the web, check emails as well as get map directions while on call.

The 3G iPhone 2.0 software offers iPhone SDK and key enterprise features like supporting Microsoft Exchange ActiveSync, contact and calendar syncing, remote wipe, Multi-Touch user interface, accelerometer, animation technology and Cisco IPsec VPN allowing encrypted access to corporate networks.

The users of iPhone 3G are provided with App Store that offers native applications in categories like games, business, sports, reference and health. The App Store is available on WiFi and cellular networks and needs to be purchased and downloaded. It will be available in 62 countries at the launch.

With the new iPhone 3G you can mass move and delete multiple email messages, search for contacts, access a new scientific calculator, turn on parental control restrictions for specified content, real-time mapping, track your progress with GPS technology etc. The iPhone 3G offers talk time of 10 hours on 2G networks and 5 hours of talk time on 3G networks. It offers 5 to 6 hours of web browsing, 7 hours of video playback and 24 hours of audio playback.

The iPhone 3G’s new MobileMe Internet service pushes contacts, emails and calendars from an online “cloud” to iPhone, iPod touch, Macs and PCs. MobileMe pushes emails and messages instantly to iPhone thus eliminating the need to check email and wait for downloads. The changes made on one device are automatically updated on the other device. MobileMe Gallery enables you to directly share your snap with family and friends. The subscription based service MobileMe with 20 GB storage is available for $99 (US) per year.

Available at Apple and AT&T retail stores in the US from July 11, the 8 GB and 16 GB iPhone 3G models can be purchased at an unimaginable price of $199 and $299 respectively. A new two year contract with AT&T is required.

Dirt Devil® AccuCharge™

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Sunday, June 8, 2008

Qisda's Wimax/GSM/GPRS/EDGE Compitable Callphone

Qisda's recently showcased slider is still quite intriguing. The currently unnamed cellphone supports both 802.16e WiMAX as well as GSM / GPRS / EDGE networks, and just in case you're hankering for another way to get connected, there's a built-in WiFi module too. Reportedly, the smartphone is a test device used in the M-Taiwan initiative to promote WiMAX, and aside from handling voice calls via (almost) any flavor of wireless protocol, you'll also find Windows Mobile 6.1 running the show. Granted, this particular unit wasn't down with 3G, but a spokesperson was adamant that such a handset would be added to its portfolio eventually.

Friday, June 6, 2008

Bleach the Movie

I know most of you already heard about the latest manga Hit called Bleach the Movie. Yes this movie comes under the banner of NCM Fathom and Viz Media which will released in selected theatres nationwide from June 11th-12th
Only 2 days you have for this
I absolutely love Manga and if I would need to come up with my own powerful Manga Character name, I would name it Hikari (to shine / shining). It is a great name for smart characters.
So grab the ticket for this movie now from the comfort of your home. You have to enter your city Zip code on the website and you can purchase it via online booking.
So gets your ticket for his amazing exciting movie now.
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Thursday, June 5, 2008

3G iPhone Hit Japan Through Softbank

9th June, the expected launch date of the Apple 3G iPhone, is just few days away. We are aware of the fact that many people are waiting for the release and at the same they are eager to know which network operator will roll out the next-generation iPhone!

Softbank, one of the leading network carriers in Japan, has announced that they have signed an agreement with Apple to sell the UMTS 3G iPhone in the country. The handset will release by end of this year. In the Japanese market, all the network carriers utilize 3G technology (WCDMA and faster) for calling purposes and also for data.

However, following the old strategy of not disclosing the launch details, Softbank maintained its mum when asked about the other information. No idea whether the Softbank deal is an exclusive one or Apple is looking for other operators to make the 3G iPhone available.

Last year, Apple was reportedly considering NTT DoCoMo to launch the iPhone in Japan. We hope talks are still going on so that the country can look forward to at least two carriers to roll out the revolutionary handset.

More news on the Apple iPhone to roll out soon. Stay tuned to the website.

Monday, June 2, 2008

Leaked Shots: Motorola Kodak 5MP Cameraphone

We've been hearing about a 5-megapixel cameraphone from Motorola and Kodak for more than a year now, but we've only recently seen leaked photos of the actual device. Boy Genius says it's running on Motorola's MOTOMAGX Linux platform and has Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, 100MB internal storage and a ROKR touch wheel. The problems? The camera isn't autofocus (ruh roh), and there's only EDGE. Someone's going to have some good times uploading blurry pictures over a slow connection when this is released.