Thursday, June 19, 2008

PSP Firmware 4.00 Will Offer Google Search

Sony has announced the latest version of firmware for its very popular portable video game console, PlayStation Portable. This forthcoming 4.00 update will incorporate the Google search engine directly to the XcrossMediaBar.

Needless to say, this feature will be accessible via the World Wide Web, allowing gamers to conveniently search online content on the PSP.

Eric Lempel, director (Operations) of PlayStation Network mentioned in a post on the PlayStation blog, that this newly introduced firmware upgrade will make possible Google Internet search with a recall of 20 search items.

He said, “This new upgrade replicates the Google Internet search experience, delivering the same search results that you’d get at”

It’s is a simple process that gamers need to follow. They need to connect to the Google search engine from the PSP XMB Network with the help of a new ‘Internet Search’ option. Users have to take care of one important aspect while making use of the highly popular search bar; they have to connect to the web through a Wi-Fi hotspot or wireless access point.

In addition, the upcoming firmware 4.00 update is also said to provide a great option, wherein players can change the viewing speeds while playing videos from Memory Stick cards. To carry on with this feature, users are expected to press directional buttons up or down on the d-pad.

There is no information given about the specific release date. However, the press release stated that the Sony PSP firmware 4.00 update will be available “soon”.

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