Sunday, June 29, 2008

Carbon Neutral Search

Today I stumbled upon a very great website called Carbon Neutral, this search site having various advantages and they are dedicated for providing the information on carbon neutral. Yes this environment friendly website is developed in such a manner that the users can aware about the carbon emission through online search queries.
In addition, it was also hoped that it would highlight the need to combat increasing emissions through energy saving, reforestation and renewable technologies to help protect the environment for future generations. You can use their search from any country in the world and they will offset 300g per search as a minimum. It was developed to highlight the need to reduce the reliance on earth's natural resources and reduce carbon footprint. Search makes up a small part of each individuals carbon footprint, but globally has a significant impact through energy use, you can check the site of carbon neutral for more information about the emission and also check their awesome open search plug-in. So bookmark this site and join hands for protecting our environment. And one thing more if you have any doubt and wants some more information about carbon neutral Search Engine you can check their query page and ask for more information.
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