Sunday, December 28, 2008

Run Windows On Iphone

Windows will run soon on the iPhone using Citrix Receiver, a remote screen software that connects to a PC and gives you the illusion you are running Microsoft's operating systems, including copy and paste functionality.

Why is this useful? It will give you the ability to run full Windows apps in your iPhone over the network. According to Citrix, you will have full Windows capability, including cut and paste inside Windows. And while this is not the first remote screen application available for the iPhone, it is the first one which is actually supported by a big company, which will make corporations happy.

Monday, December 22, 2008

XML IDUG contest

There are lots of XML programmer around the world because this is the fastest growing computer programming language on the earth and I think this is the best time for XML programmer because you will be very happy to know that there is an IDUG contest presently running where you stand a chance of winning some awesome prizes. For those of you who are not aware, IDUG stands for International DB2 Users Group, which according to their website is “… an independent, not-for-profit, user-run organization whose mission is to support and strengthen the information services community by providing the highest quality education and services designed to promote the effective utilization of the DB2 family of products.”The contest that IDUG has put on is for developers like students, professionals and hobbyists and is aimed at increasing their awareness and familiarity with XQuery, XML and DB2. The competition is split up into five contests and is designed for persons who have different skill levels. If you wish, you can enter one or all five of the contests. The breakdown of the contests is as follows:
Video Contest: Upload a video which is judged by the IDUG community. Prizes for this contest are awarded monthly.
Gadget Contest: Create a small widget or gadget which will be judged by the IDUG community. Prizes for this contest are awarded monthly.
XQuery Challenge: Answer a series of questions by developing queries in XQuery. All correct answers (answer and query structure) are entered to win larger prizes
Port an Application: Port an existing application to use XML, XQuery or DB2. This will be judged by a panel of judges.
Develop an application: Develop a brand new application using XML and/or XQuery. This will be judged by a panel of judges.
So why you are waiting here check their website for more information regarding the contest & check the lots of prizes which you will win from the contest. So check it today because who knows that you are the winner of this contest!

Transparent TFT for Temporary Tattoos

USC researchers have demonstrated a low-temperature (and therefore relatively inexpensive, apparently) process for printing transparent TFTs on flexible material able to bend up to 120 degrees which allows for embedding LED to build see-through displays. The prototype disc shown above is 5 inches in diameter and contains around 20,000 nanotube transistors. The researchers suggest the technology could be used for e-paper, smart tags, and artificial skin, as well as an affordable heads-up display that could be put into car windshields. Our suggestion? Couple it with transparent playing cards for the ultimate poker-cheating experience.

Bag TV: Integerated Tv On The Side

BagTV is a new range of handbags that have an integrated TV on the side. The screen measures 7″ and is capable of displaying DVD movies and MP3 audio.

The attached media player accepts information from your PC like images, music and what not. Also an SD card slot it available to grab images and other media files that way. It has 2.5 hours of battery life.

7 colours are available to choose from, each costing £295.

Thursday, December 18, 2008

Affordable Surveillance Cameras

Now these days technology is come to every field and they are also come in the field of surveillance, all the surveillance system now these days using various types of technology for ensuring more and more safety. Today I saw a great website of where anyone can find great Surveillance Cameras for their business or home, I think they are very good for businesses because with the help of these cameras any businessman can avoid stolen, theft etc in the office, firm etc. this website provides good Surveillance Cameras in affordable price, so check it today and makes your business & home environment more safe.

Braille Polaroid Camera Concept

If you have ever lost use of a part of your body then you will be aware of the frustration it can cause. For some, this luxury of everything working never comes back. For the blind they do not have the ability to see which is another luxury. For this reason a cool Braille Polaroid Camera has been designed although unfortunately it seems like it’s still a concept at the moment.

This is simply an amazing idea where you can capture images with a camera and then have a printer instantly print out the image… but in Braille so that those who struggle to see can experience what you are seeing also.

The heightened sense of touch developed by blind people has been harnessed for the Braille Polaroid Camera. Although it has been designed to resemble most other cameras, the Braille Polaroid Camera contains a built-in Braille printer, which immediately prints the shot after the user presses the shot button.

The camera was designed by Son Seunghee, Lee Sukyung and Kim Hyunsoo and hopefully will be built in to a working product that can be sold.