Thursday, December 18, 2008

Braille Polaroid Camera Concept

If you have ever lost use of a part of your body then you will be aware of the frustration it can cause. For some, this luxury of everything working never comes back. For the blind they do not have the ability to see which is another luxury. For this reason a cool Braille Polaroid Camera has been designed although unfortunately it seems like it’s still a concept at the moment.

This is simply an amazing idea where you can capture images with a camera and then have a printer instantly print out the image… but in Braille so that those who struggle to see can experience what you are seeing also.

The heightened sense of touch developed by blind people has been harnessed for the Braille Polaroid Camera. Although it has been designed to resemble most other cameras, the Braille Polaroid Camera contains a built-in Braille printer, which immediately prints the shot after the user presses the shot button.

The camera was designed by Son Seunghee, Lee Sukyung and Kim Hyunsoo and hopefully will be built in to a working product that can be sold.

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