Sunday, May 11, 2008

SocialSpark Now Open For ALL

Many Bloggers like me around the world are fans of IZEA because of their different great services to Bloggers for building revenues for their blog as well as for themselves! In my opinion IZEA is a type of fuel which motivates Bloggers to write good contents for their blogs. Right now the great time is comes for Bloggers because IZEA 2nd service now open for SocialSpark anyone blogger can join it for making money from their posts anysways many of you wants the full info regarding, What is SocialSpark exactly, you might well ask. Well, it's a brand new service for bloggers like me that can help us achieve several highly desirable things. Firstly, as a community network, it can introduce us to new friends and partners. Secondly, it can drive extra traffic to our blogs - and who doesn't want a few more visitors, eh! And thirdly, it can help us earn some extra money. Yes really! I know there have been websites promising huge earnings for years, and they were almost always scams. And even the ones that weren't scams, such as Google Adsense, earn very few people money in an amount worth writing about. But yes, SocialSpark is very different. I'll prove it - just read on!

This very post is earning me money. Just as the screenshot above shows. $5.50, just to write this post! And yes, I can tell you I'm being paid to write this post, because with SocialSpark, full disclosure isn't a dirty word, to be hidden like some other paid post sites encourage bloggers to do. Full disclosure is a must. A rule. There is a big bright banner at the bottom of this post telling the world that I am being paid for it. Does that mean that this post is all rubbish? Lies? That I'll say anything for cash? Not at all! With SocialSpark there will be lots of different opportunities for you to choose from. Just choose ones that interest you. Or that fit in with your blog. This blog is all about the gadgets and technology after all. A post about SocialSpark definitely fits in here, and I can say with all honesty that I really do recommend the site, so check this great website which completely social and spark your blogging life with joy, revenue and enjoyment as well.
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