Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Classic Style: Dockers contest


Now these days Dockers presented an amazing as well as exciting video contest and I know this is the great time for those who will really like to want the prize yes this contest having a good range of exclusive prizes its really very good who are already having good skills in good video making and I am so passionate about it that I have started browsing through the videos uploaded there already. Dockers contest is a special contest where everybody will get a chance to upload their 30 second videos and the winner of the contest will get to see their videos displayed on the NBC. Dockers also present a classic style contest and is the one which is concerned about the fashion. Well this is a contest which is all about innovation and creativity. There are a lot of fashion trends which are currently evolving to keep pace in this modern world though I am a huge fan of the classical styles. Ideally though I would like to see a blend which combines the classical style and the modern styles and I have seen a lot of videos belonging to my liking. I would recommend everybody to upload their original 30 second videos here and a chance to display them on the NBC is not far off as long as it is original. If you have any doubt reagarding to this you can also check the website for more information about this contest from the above hyperlink text.

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