Thursday, May 8, 2008

Frontier(s) - Horror Movie

You like horror films? And some scary movies I think this is the time of you because a horror movie that is horrifying you completely comes I don’t know they horrifying you or not but Frontier(S) is a truly horror. This movie will come to horrify you on 9th may 08 so be well prepared yourself to watch the trailer of this movie Frontier(s). and one thing more this movie is not for all specially those who are minor and heart patients because of some images and trailers. Anyways when I first see the the traitors of this upcoming movie from their website I was very terrified. Some of the mini clips of this movie shows the violence they contains in the movie they have. As an uncut result of the truly horrifying, full of violence and extreme gory, this movie has been luckless unrated, to set a boundary on showing this movie theatrically wide. Frontier(S) is such a worth to be catch on cinemas movie, so the filmmaker took a chance at selected cinemas for one week release only. Be sure to catch it! As an unrated movie, a DVD release will be in the market on the 13th of May 2008.
For more information about this movie called Frontier(s) check their site for clips and trailers and feel the horror & violence they have

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