Friday, May 9, 2008

BT-Q818 extreme: World’s Fastest GPS Receiver

QSTARZ has launched a Bluetooth GPS receiver. This GPS (Global Positioning System) receiver is believed to be the world’s fastest GPS receiver. This GPS Receiver is called BT-Q818 extreme.

BT-Q818 extreme tracks 51-channels and 32 hours of navigation time. It also features a -158dBm sensitivity, MTK chipset and USB connectivity. BT-Q818 has a built-in Bluetooth, adjustable 1 to 5Hz update rate and 36 seconds of signal acquisition time. The 5Hz accuracy is a boon to Extreme sports.

BT-Q818 can be used in laptops as well. On connecting to a laptop it can be used as a USB GPS mouse. A G-Mouse and Bluetooth, both in one, gives us a wired as well as wireless GPS receiver. Now that sounds amazing! This combination of Bluetooth and USB GPS receiver is sure to make wonders.

This BT-Q818 extreme is going to take the mobile industry to a greater level. This GPS Receiver is sure to make wonders with road racers, autocrossers, circle track racers, vehicles, boats, aviation etc.

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