Saturday, October 20, 2007

Drug Rehab Referral Service


I’ve been going on and on for a few months now in all of my blogs about drug rehabilitation and how important of a subject it is to me. I’ve mentioned many times that DH was a drug addict when I met him, and one of our dear friends is unfortunately still a junkie. You may ask yourself, if she’s so big on drug rehab, why is the friend still a junkie? His problem could have been solved years ago if he’d found the right program, but unfortunately, he didn’t know about a lot of the good Intervention programs out there, so he tried to check himself into a local rehab center. When he arrived there and told them he was a meth addict, the little local redneck shelter told him they only helped crack and heroine addicts. They said meth wasn’t a dangerous enough drug! That’s preposterous! Meth is one of the largest drug epidemics in the US right now, and it has taken the south by storm. They instead sent him to a detox facility for mostly alcoholics and marijuana addicts. Within 7 days they turned him back onto the street where he of course picked his habit back up within a matter of weeks.

Had he had the resources to find a good clinic, this wouldn’t have happened and he would most likely be sober today. There are good resources out there, and I’m saving you the hassle of hunting them down for yourself. is a great web source. They can refer you or your loved ones to a rehab center that will meet your exact needs so you don’t end up at a place that says they can’t help you. There is also tons of useful info on different drugs and how they work.

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