Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Flying Alarm Clock

Don't listen when they say that an apple wakes you up better than a cup of tea. Flying Alarm Clock will wake you up much faster and more effective. It will make your waking up fun, too.

When this alarm starts up, you must get your butt out of the bed. First your sleepy head will have to find it, and then catch it before it smashes your room flowers, lamps, books, and then turn it off.

Be aware because if you like to sleep with your window open, you may find yourself running in your underwear, catching the crazy alarm “bug”.

If it doesn’t manage to turn your room upside down, than this little propeller may rudely massage your body, so you will fill its mission. It won’t leave you unconscious, but a slight eye injure is possible, but at least you will be awake in the most effective way.

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