Saturday, October 6, 2007

Apple MacBook Pro in Gold

We have seen several glittering jeweled gadgets such as LG Prada in Gold, iPod Shiffle wrapped in diamonds and Philips and Swarovski gadgets. But there is something new this time. A company called Computer Chopper has made a whole laptop in gold.

The manufacturer, customizing gadgets is offering Gold Macbook Pro. The laptop is draped in 24kt gold and diamonds, while Apple’s logo is encrusted in diamonds.

Not only is the outer look studded with all this but even the LCD screen and every other part of the MacBook Pro body is covered in gold. Hats off to the team of Computer Chopper for creating such an amazing notebook!

Well but who will buy such an expensive notebook. A device draped in gold and diamonds can’t be affordable to most. All the same, there’s no word about the exact pricing from manufacturer.

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