Sunday, October 28, 2007

Chapman House Inc.

The World is right now being left in utmost tatters because of one dreadful disease and that is none other than drugs. Now, I am not talking about the normal drugs that you use as medicine to get yourself back to work, but, in fact I am talking about the drugs that is right now being used by people, especially students for the sheer pleasure. This may be a pleasure but it is actually a big suffering in disguise. I still wonder why people dont listen to various advices given by many great ones that drug consuming is harmful and may lead to severe brain related diseases and eventually even death sometimes. Its high time that people get to know more about the havoc caused by drugs. First of all, it causes Drug addiction. Being addicted to anything is dangerous. In fact, if people ask me, I would say that you should not even be addicted to your wife or your girlfriend. Because addiction takes the complete self present in you and leaves you with null. So, there are many drug rehabiliation programmes happening and one of them is the chapman house. Here, you can get yourself or the person addicted to drug, treated for both drug and alchohol addictions. You are counselled in such a way that you get to come out of this in due course of time. One of the best way to bring an addict is through Family intervention which is a technique followed here where in a Chapman House Family Interventionist can be used for people engaged in any self-destructive behavior. next, there are also many methods like using a detox process to help the person come out. There is also an adult program where the persons who are self destructive are treated well and ensured an emotional success in life. In addition to this, there are also drug tests and addiction tests done here and so, this makes chapman house one of the best places for drug rehabiliation.

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