Monday, October 29, 2007


Mortgage market are becomes very competitive nowadays because every bank provides various offers in the market to compete with other rivals bank, so relating to that intrest rates charges are getting lower & lower to certain extend. We as consumers should always review our mortgage. We should shift to other provider if that will save us money by paying less interest. That's what we call Remortgages UK

By all means, I prefer interest paid by daily rest. Thus, I am thinking of remortgage my house and it would be best to get such offer. However, I still have to calculate properly weather it's worth in overall. In fact, we certainly have to be very careful with all the terms and conditions. Sometimes, we have to pay great sums of penalty if we accept other offers within a limited time frame. As for my case, I suppose to stick to my current mortgage for 6 years to avoid penalty.

Anyway, I heard that nowadays there is some bank willing to absorb the penalty for us if we take their offer. To me, that's great news!

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