Thursday, November 1, 2007

MMS Receiving Photo Frame

We have seen many types of digital photo frames. Usually they just have LCD on which the selected photo is displayed. What it must do to be special? MP3 and AVI playback just can't amaze nowadays. But manufacturers of this photo frame solved "unoriginality" problem in an interesting way.

Parrot DF7700 looks like a normal photo frame, with a 7 inch display. But it is capable to receive and display photos and images sent by MMS! You must insert SIM card in a special slot, adjust some settings and your frame is ready to receive photos. It is a very original feature that can be used in a variety of ways. You can give it as gift to your loved one, and change the photo on it from distance! If you are far away, then your new photos can be a perfect gift for your family. Imagine their smiles when they'll see pictures changing - a good way to show that you remember and love them.

This digital photo frame also has SD card slot, USB port and light sensor, which controls backlight and adjusts it to make photos on display look beautiful any time.

One disappointing feature of this interesting gadget is price for MMS, in some countries multimedia messages are not so cheap, and MMS are limited to 300 kb. So if you are going to send photos straight from your new N95, you'd have to resize them first.

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