Thursday, November 22, 2007

GPS Insight vehicle tracking product

Are you considering on purchasing an automobile with a GPS Insight vehicle tracking system?

Well, if the answer is NO, you should think again because a GPS Insight vehicle tracking system from can really HELP SIMPLY YOUR LIFE!
GPS Insight provides many benefits and advantages compared to other GPS companies such as simple and informative reports that provide details such as:

  • Car Speeding
  • Engine Diagnostic Fault codes/alerts
  • Off-Hours Reports/Alerts
  • Landmark Reports (by landmark or by vehicle)
  • Detailed and Summary activity reports
  • Miles Per Gallon / Fuel Consumption report
  • Stop reports with configurable idle stop times
  • Idle time report using engine diagnostic data
  • Service log with scheduled service alerts
  • Accurate odometer, speed, diagnostic fault codes, emissions
  • compliance, and fuel usage/MPG from the engine’s computer
  • Scheduled email reports/graphs, and automated alerts

GPS Insight helps numerous automotive companies to help you (the customer) to become more efficient, identify waste, and save money overall. Here are some of the more common examples of how GPS Insight customers save money immediately:

Real time map updates and 2 minute vehicle locations to help your dispatchers know exactly which vehicles are close to new orders - no more calling your drivers or relying on them to provide their location and trip status.
90 days of history, allowing you to go back and ensure that you have unquestionable proof of service when billing or service questions arise.

Reports to identify reckless and wasteful speeding with 100% accurate speed readings

from the engine’s computer.
Begin/End of day reports and detailed, 2 minute updates, which can help to identify fraudulent hours claimed by your drivers.

Off-Hours/Weekend use reports which will help identify personal vehicle usage, side jobs, and improper vehicle utilization.

Theft recovery and real-time tracking to guide police to thieves

MPG, Fuel Consumption and Idle Time reports easily identify wasteful vehicles and driver behavior.
Automated alerts identify you to engine light status and exact diagnostic fault codes, along with scheduled service reminders and a service log.

Emissions report will identify vehicles which require service before they go for testing, and help to keep your fleet running clean.

Identify and be alerted to hard brake and over-revving activity.

24×7 roadside assistance and theft recovery center is included.

To learn more about some of the other features/services offered by GPS Insight, check out GPS Insight support wiki for customers and this Blog for GPS vehicle tracking.

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