Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Bluetooth Enabled Board

It’s not that often you come across a skateboard which has Bluetooth built in. Most of you will be wondering what the heck a skateboard needs Bluetooth for. Think out of the box and you might guess :) Basically the GroundSurf is a 3 wheeled skateboard which has an electric motor. By connecting the skateboard to your mobile phone you then have the ability to control the speed of the board.

However, it is not actually a skateboard. It can be compared to the surf feeling but on the ground. Behind the front wheel is the Bluetooth receiver which also is next to the battery. By using the touch screen on your phone you can slide your finger up the screen to make you go faster and sliding down the screen will cause you to slow down. HTC phones will be able to have software downloaded to them which will make them compatible with the board.

Not a bad idea although I wouldn’t want to use my expensive HTC on a board just in case I wipe out (which knowing me, I will).

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