Tuesday, November 6, 2007

I-Theatre HR on scientificsonline.com

Today I was got an great website called Edmund Scientific, who provides several type of unique gadgets which are based on some scientific principle, from these gadgets I like one who is really a very cool gadget, this gadget is known as “I-Theatre HR”. This is cool because they provides personal video viewing experience to us like an earphone/ headphone provides as personal listening I like I-theatre because u can wear it like an common eye wear and enjoying your personal images, videos, movies without an interruption of others. The other benefit I like in I theatre its High resolution of 922,000 Pixel resolution which provides clear crystal picture quality experience like an HD picture quality you can easily attach your i-Theatre with your ipod, DVD players, VCR’s, cellphones. You can recharge i-theatre via USB, if you like this gadget & see other gadget on their website - www.scientificsonline.com
You can buy i-Theatre from this direct link


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