Friday, November 9, 2007

Best Source for Muscle Car Art

The World’s Best Source for Muscle Car Art & Literature”, and I’d have to give it them based on the amount of different pieces that they have up on their website for sale. There are countless advertisements, muscle car articles, art prints, muscle car magazines, and pieces discussing road tests on their website. One such example is the attached advertisement, which features the '01 Corvette Z06. I personally like this advertisement because it just screams retro, and the price 7.95 $ US is not too terribly high. The one great thing that I can see about muscle car ads would have to be the fact that they list exactly how many of each item they have in stock, which eliminates the possibility that an individual can get all amped up about a specific piece, only to get an email saying that piece is not in stock. The shipping prices are very reasonable, and Musclecarlit makes sure that the pieces get to you in the same high quality that they left their offices at. If you want some new pictures or articles about your favorite car to stick up on your wall, then Musclecarlit has to be the site for you.

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