Thursday, July 5, 2007

Wooden Keyboard

Make your computer more natural with these gadgets. Sounds cool but why should you use wood instead of using plastic? They were presented at Computex and they really looked cool. In continuation to that Wooden laptop it would be a good accessory for you.

The keyboard is a usual keyboard made of wood. However it does not have number pad, but it has Caps Lock, Scroll Lock and Num Lock LEDs to let you know when those are on.

Generally it is just a simple wooden keyboard. I think that wooden keyboards are not as durable as plastic keyboard are and they cost a lot more.

Several more gadgets have been presented there: USB 2.0 flash drives, four-port USB hub, multicard reader and they all were made in the same wooden style. People don't cut trees just to have some nice keyboards at home. It should be comfortable and fit you but not have a fancy look.

I use my keyboard for typing and not for looking at it. Besides, there are no multimedia keys on it.

Source: Gadget Reviews

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