Friday, July 13, 2007

USBTV From SanDisk: Just Copy, Paste and Plug it in to the TV

SanDisk USB TV
If you’re aren’t willing to bare network configuration to stream your recorded shows or movies from your PC to your media center, then the SanDisk USBTV has the quickie fix. From what we gather you essentially transfer up to 2GB of data/media (expect actual capacity with firmware to be lower) to the thumb drive like device and then plug it into the included USB-to-video out dongle, which also includes the necessary video decoder. Control looks like it can be harnessed from the cradle portion of the device (almost an all in one device) which includes, from the looks of it, your standard DVD controls – pretty slick. According to EverythingUSB many LCD TVs now include a USB input – I’ll have to inspect next time I visit my local electronics retailer – thus making the dongle not necessary. No word on release or availability, but apparently SanDisk will be giving out free devices for testing and feedback.

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