Saturday, July 7, 2007

500 GB Optical Discs, is it possible?

After we have seen Blu-ray and HD DVDs out on the market 500 GB might not seem that much. However, this number is very difficult to achieve by just adding layers and creating new formats. According to last optical disc researches there is a technology that can cram that amount of data on to a usual HD DVD or Blu-ray disc.

"Microholas" project is what they call it, after these researches we will be able to use regular HD DVDs and Blu-ray and record much more information on them. They want to make such discs not just for stacking movies and forgetting about them. It has been created for secured data storage, moreover long term data storage.

Microholographic is a longer version for "Microholas" and this is the technology they use to make those discs. This technology involves nano structures inside the disc work for us and fit as much information on one disc as possible. There supposedly will be no need for several layers as most of people thought.

Besides, problems with reading scratched discs are resolved already by TDK so we only need to know how to squeeze the amount of data needed on one single disc. The researches are not satisfied with their gadget so far. They are going to try to make capacity limit up to 1 TB.

Big hard drives will become too expensive to buy when you can use "Microholas" technology.

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