Saturday, July 28, 2007

Ambient Umbrella will Warn you from the forthcoming Rains

Wish I could have an Umbrella that could alert me whenever precipitation is expected. Doing away with the need of carrying an umbrella unnecessarily!
Ambient Devices has introduced its latest product, Ambient Umbrella that informs if today is the day to carry an umbrella with you or not. It’s a weather forecasting umbrella. According to the company, the Ambient is developed in such a way that it automatically receives weather data from through Ambient’s Infocast Network. The network reaches over 90 percent of U.S households and is able to penetrate in area where wireless technologies are defunct.

“The Ambient Umbrella perfectly demonstrates Ambient’s ability to embed the intelligence of the Internet in everyday objects,” said Nicholas Negroponte (the MIT Media Lab Man), member of Ambient Devices’ Board of Directors.

Ambient Umbrella can alert when it is going to rain in the next 12 hours. This technology is been fitted onto the umbrella handle that suggests “today is the day to take me with you.”

With long lasting battery, Ambient Umbrella carries a retail price of $125 and is available in US.

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