Sunday, December 9, 2007

Search People

Today I got some different thing relating to search engine world. Sometimes I was very cleverer relating to my general knowledge work in my college because some times teachers giving assignments to write on some top personalities of the world and that time I was searching about these personalities on the internet and wiki is very much helpful to me but on the other hand they take very much of time to find anything about that so relating to that they take very much of time but today I got an great website whose very much solve my problem and saves my times this website is, on this website you can find easily the profiles of some great and popular peoples like celebrities, leaders, scientists etc. you can find people on this website on simply going to their search bar and simply put up their name or any thing which relating to their life like their place of birth etc. You also have an benefit if you can register (which are free) themselves on the site you are been able to edit/ add information on that site or add the information on your country leader add images etc and you also add your profile over there J

If anyone ask me which thing I most like on this website I say there user – friendly interface may enable those people who access this website easily which have little knowledge about computers and another thing I like about this site that they are very good concept and something different from other search engines because they saves the time if you are on any other search engine on searching a particular profile of an persoan this takes lots of times to find good info of an particular person but with the help of Spock you can easily find the information on any person in some seconds

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