Thursday, December 6, 2007

Kauai vacation rentals

Kauai is the place for me where I want to spent my dreamy holidays there but at now this my dream was completed. I want to spend the next 30 days in Kauai Island. Kauai is the 4th larger island and it is also known as Garden Island because of its beauty and greenery. at Kauai I would choose to stay at the Hanalei Bay Resort. Its near the Bali Hai mountain.
The Bali Hai Mountains are known for their awesome waterfalls. The resort has views of the bay, maybe I will see a dolphin.
The Movie “South Pacific” was filmed near here. To give you an idea of What to Do in Kauai of the locale and what the beauty looks like. I was very sure about that Kauai vacation rentals rentals is the only way when you really want to relax.
The resort is located on the eastern shore of Hanalei Bay. The resort itself boasts pools, and the waterfalls, world class landscaping, beaches, and ocean. The views are panoramic, live music is played daily, there a pro tennis shop, complete with a 5 star restaurant on grounds.
Golf is a big attraction here. The Princeville area has golf course that are to die for. Just a 10 minutes drive from the resort is 2 world class golf courses, one is named the Prince Course and the other is the Makai Course. Resort guests are entitled to course discounts.
Hanalei bay is one of the best surfing bays in all of Hawaii, and has some of the grandest views of sunrises. White sand s considered to be a romantic item and these beaches are just that.
Hanalei Bay resort is one of the most beautiful resorts in Hawaii, as rated by architecture and landscaping. The rich grounds, 22 acres, are perfect for walks and to enjoy the foliage. There’s a on site shuttle service comprised of golf carts cruising about the resort to different points.
Princeville is very near Hanalei Resort and possesses a fantastic water fountain which adds to its enormous reputation for being a photo taking place. At night its even more so.
it should be noted that this resort is located just 15 minutes from the Na’Pali coast. The Na Pali coast known for its scenic views, it also includes Ke’e beach, known for its sunsets and magnificent snorkeling.
And when I am worn out from all of that the resort has its own lounge where i can go share stories with other vacationers, perhaps even find a new golf buddy.
If you also want to plan a trip to Kauai I give some suggestion to you plz check the Kauai Travel Blog blog because they provide tremendous info, who anybody wants before starting the ideal vacation

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