Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Bloggerwave open for bloggers

The wait is over and finally Bloggerwave is now ready for bloggers to sign up and discover a new way of earning from their blogs. So what’s different? How do we earn? It’s really simple and all you have to do is write about various companies and products (something that you have been doing for free up till now) and get paid for it. Isn’t it great? No more shabby advertisements banners and links which don’t give you much return and spoil the blog design too. You will love the Bloggerwave blogger dashboard interface which is clean and clear and very intuitive. All major setting can be done from single page without any page reload. Open opportunities are listed on separate page with full details on what the advertisers need in his review like his link back code etc. Unlike other services, here you don’t have to submit the article when you are done, its automatically detected as soon as you post it and you get notified by mail when its accepted, sweet and time saving as well. So bloggers, signup and now and enjoy your blogging with Bloggerwave

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amit kulkarni said...

hey thkx man for providing the info of bloggerwave im still using google adsense i want to say that adsense payout is very big amount and to complete the limit amount is also very big challenge...so after all bloggerwave is an gud option for bloggers if they paid trustly !