Friday, June 8, 2007

Asus Launches Triband PDA in India

ASUS India has launched its P535 tri-band PDA phone. The phone incorporates full wireless functionality, GPS and high quality auto-focus camera in a compact formfactor, offering a comprehensive spread of business and lifestyle applications.

The company plans to target the business professional and the high-end technology user segment with its new offering. Andrew Tsui, Managing Director, ASUS India, said, "We now aspire to successfully enter the communications spectrum through the introduction of the ASUS P535 PDA phone which will complement with our 3C philosophy of providing products in the arena of computers, communications and consumer electronics."The P535 offers push email, Internet access, off-site synchronization of calendar and contact information over wireless (802.11b+g) or mobile phone GPRS networks. It also integrates auto-focus 2.0 megapixel camera supports business card scanner, picking up contact details off photographed business cards.Altaf Ansari, Product Manager, ASUS India, said, "The ASUS P535 PDA phone is innovative and feature rich which fulfills the business and connectivity needs of professionals on the move."ASUS has packed the P535 with proprietary software and features. Among the lot, is the Secret Folder, through which the user can encrypt and protect sensitive personal or business information.With this customers of the ASUS P535 will also be able to upgrade from Windows Mobile 5 to Windows Mobile 6 free of cost. The ASUS P535 will be available with an inaugural offer of a free 1GB Mini SD card.

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Sahil said...

Wow!!! Amazing...!that's a cool concept. A web that helps provide all the information i need to have prior to making a purchase. I am looking for a new mobile phone with video camera. Found a good variety on TolMol....' Very Interesting!!!It would be good if it would give us an estimated cost. I understand cost varies.. But Atleast an approx cost.. should be provided.. But I wld like to knw wht business model is koolhomes using, whn offering such high-end amenities....Surely want to buy one...