Thursday, October 23, 2008

Samsung Announced Pixon M8800

Samsung have announced that their Pixon M8800 is due out this month. The phone has an 8 megapixel camera to join the likes of LG and Sony Ericsson. Another feature it boasts is a touch-screen accelerator. Lets take a look at what all that means and what else it can do.

The Pixon M8800 is a very slim phone at just 15.5mm and the camera features that it packs in are just right for you not to need another separate camera in your pocket. The camera has autofocus, a flash, face/smile/blink detection, panoramic shooting, stabilisation making it on par with a similar spec point and shoot. The built in Assisted GPS on the phone also allows you to geo-tag your pictures so you know exactly where each shot was taken. When viewing images you can rotate the phone and the built in accelerometer rotates the screen to suit.

The touch-screen utilises Samsung’s TouchWiz operating system. The screen measures a fairly large 3.2 inches and is capable of displaying 16 million colours. Full HD viewing is supported which I assume is through the TV-Out port. Unfortunately there is no wi-fi, but you do get a 3G handset with 7.2Mbps HSDPA. Mobile phone networks are recently allowing for more data so wi-fi would be nice, but is not as essential as it was a year ago.

The phone has SRS Virtual Surround sound that is normally found in Samsung’s television sets. DivX support is provided so you watch movies on the go. A TV-Out port can also be found so you can hook it directly up to a TV.

Overall it looks like another great phone which supports a fantastic camera and multi media features.

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