Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Dungeon Runners


Now these days the Pimp Your Gnome contest is going on! For celebrating the release of dungeon runners game. On this game contest peoples can create their own gnome creations! You can also buy a copy of the game through best buy gift card, I think this is very exciting moment for game lovers to enter in this contest!

All you have to do is to bling up / dress up your own store-bought gnome with materials, such as a pimp hat, jewels or anything you fancy. Or you can also dress yourself up as a Bling Gnome. Next, you have to take shots of yourself as the Bling Gnome or your ornamental pimp daddy Bling Gnome. Please make sure that the pictures are taken from at least two sides. Extra points will be given to you if you post pictures with people admiring the gnome in a public place like a mall. Selected pictures will even make it onto

So what exactly is a Bling Gnome? It literally means a bling up elf or goblin with super powers. In the online video game, the Bling Gnome runs around as you play picking up all the gold dropped from the villain you eliminate while playing this game, which can be downloaded FREE from The Bling Gnome also has the ability to pick up most items that aren’t rare, eat them and then poops them out as gold instantly in a gassy display from its rear end, no matter what game map the player is occupying. you can check the website of for more information about game downloads and subscriptions to enter in the contest. if you have any doubt you can also contact from their website and ask !
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