Sunday, March 16, 2008

Whirlpool Concept: "Green Kitchen" Turning Waste In To Fuel

This whole "turning waste into fuel" idea has certainly gained a lot of traction lately, and it seems that Whirlpool is next in line to show off a concept that could purportedly hack down your energy bill (and give Mother Earth some love, too). Simply hailed as the green kitchen, this futuristic area would reportedly enable "60-percent of the water and heat generated from [kitchen gizmos to be] diverted to fuel other appliances." For instance, the heat created from the refrigerator compressor could be used to heat water for the dishwasher, and while it's hard to say how accurate it is, word on the street pegs energy savings from using said concept at around 24-percent. The real question, however, is will it come equipped with an integrated LCD TV?

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