Friday, February 29, 2008

ShifD Data Transfer Between PC & Mobile Phone

The New York Times Company has introduced in beta version. ShiftD is an application having the capability to transfer data seamlessly from the computer to a mobile phone or vice-versa.
ShifD allows users to update information from any web browser, by text message from a mobile phone, through a mobile web browser or by using the downloadable application on Adobe AIR.
Information added through any method gets saved to the user’s ShifD account, which gets automatically updated on all devices.
The new ShiftD Beta is capable of adding and saving contents in three categories such as Notes, Links and Places. Hence the application will allow users to save grocery list, to-do list or any other notes. Also it will enable users to save links for references and addresses with corresponding maps too.
“ShifD is an experiment in giving users the power to bring their content with them by easily shifting it among all of their Web-enabled devices,” said Michael Zimbalist, vice president, research and development operations, The New York Times Company.
“We see a future for device-independent media, with convergence around the user experience and not any particular delivery platform. Developing services that allow users to access content wherever they are and on whichever device they choose is an important part of our strategy,” Zimbalist added.
The New York Times is expecting that the new application will work on most of the mobile phones and blackberries in the United States. Interested users can sign up for ShiftD beta at

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