Friday, September 7, 2007

TV Out on iPhone Coming Soon via Software Update?

The Apple Store page for the component AV cables—which up until now only supported the iPod classic—lists both the iPod touch and the iPhone as supported devices. What's up with that? The iPhone doesn't support TV out. Well, seeing as the iPod touch is also there, and since the touch and the iPhone are almost exactly the same, it makes sense that while adding TV out to the touch, Apple will go ahead and add TV out to the iPhone as well. Either that or this is just a mistake in the page.


Anonymous said...

Sheesh, I thought I was the only one who noticed that! No one is talking about it, but TV-Out for the iPhone has been a feature I've been waiting for. Kudos for bringing it to light

byron said...

I'm not so sure . On the Apple Universal Dock add It reads,
" Connect the Dock to a stereo or speakers using a stereo audio cable to play music from iPod or iPhone.
• Control playback from a distance using the included Apple Remote.
• Display photos or video on a TV or other video device using a Component AV Cable or Composite AV Cable ( if you have an iPod that plays video.")
It seems to me that being so secretive about what the iPhone can and cant do is keeping us hoping for things that might not be . Jobs needs to be square with his customers . He's really taking an unfair advantage . We very well might not see video out till the next iPhone